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-- This module implements {{#invoke:Su|main}}.

local p = {}

function p.main(frame) -- Use arguments from the parent frame only, and remove any blank arguments. -- We don't need to trim whitespace from any arguments, as this module only -- uses named arguments, and whitespace is trimmed from them automatically. local origArgs = frame:getParent().args local args = {} for k, v in pairs(origArgs) do if v ~= then args[k] = v end end

-- Define the variables to pass to luaMain. local sup = args.p local sub = args.b local options = { align = args.a, fontSize = args.w } return p._main(sup, sub, options) end

function p._main(sup, sub, options) options = options or {} local span = mw.html.create('span')

-- Set the styles. span:css{ ['display'] = 'inline-block', ['margin-bottom'] = '-0.3em', ['vertical-align'] = sub and '-0.4em' or '0.8em', ['line-height'] = '1.2em', } if options.fontSize == 'f' or options.fontSize == 'fixed' then span:css{ ['font-family'] = 'monospace,courier', ['font-size'] = '85%' } else span:css('font-size', options.fontSize and options.fontSize or '85%') end if options.align == 'r' or options.align == 'right' then span:css('text-align', 'right') elseif options.align == 'c' or options.align == 'center' then span:css('text-align', 'center') else span:css('text-align', 'left') end

-- Add the wikitext. span :wikitext(sup) :tag('br', {selfClosing = true}):done() :wikitext(sub)

return tostring(span) end

return p

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